Christmas: A Series of Unlikey Events!

This coming Sunday  CommUNITY Church will continue to celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  I will be bringing a message from Luke 2:8-14 and 34 on Christmas: A Series of Unlikely Events!  Lemony Snicket gained fame for his work: A Series of Unfortunate Events, where a threesome of siblings went from one mishap to another all overshadowed by bad news and dark clouds.

This Sunday, we will discover that while the events surrounding the birth of Jesus were unlikely, they were not tragic nor mishaps, but GREAT NEWS!

My sermon points bring this great news to light:

  1. An Unlikely People (Vs. 8-10): We should be so happy today that our Lord does not just talk to those who are untouchably religious or the elite rulers but He chooses to talk to everyone, including the regular folks like you and me!
  2. An Unlikely Place (Vs. 11): Jesus was not born in a mansion or surrounded by military might that would limit access to Him.  He was born in an animal feeding trough, a manger.  This is great news because it communicates to all that He is available and that He knows what trials, tribulations and temptations are, and is the ONLY One that knows how we feel and can minister to our needs.
  3. An Unlikely Potentate (Vs. 12): Jesus could have come with full pomp and power forcing allegiance on humanity as the rightful lion of the tribe of Judah!  However, He came as a baby, tender as a lamb and available to all as a sacrifice to all. Great news indeed!
  4. An Unlikely Purpose: (Vs. 13-14): With the shootings, the stabbings, the evil and sin seemingly winning out, peace is something we ALL need!  And, peace is what was announced on the day that Jesus Christ was born.  Peace is something only Christ can give and peace is something we can all have if we but trust God for it and go to God to obtain it.  Not external peace that is transient, but internal that is lasting.  Always remember that God does not always still your calamity but is always willing to still His child.
  5. A Very Likely Predicament (Vs. 34): Whenever we consider Jesus Christ we are always confronted with the reality that depending on our reception or rejection of Him and His Word, we will either rise or fall.  The great news is that it is His desire that NOBODY falls but that all be blessed by receiving the good news of Jesus Christ: Eternal life!

Come this Sunday to hear a wonderful message of hope and peace as we discover Christmas: A Series of Unlikely Events from the book of Luke!